Welcome to the NPS owners page. Here you will be able to gain access to your owners portal. Submit a request for a thorough property analysis and schedule your annual sit down meeting to review your properties performance and plan your future moves with your assets to ensure there operating at peak performance.
Owners Portal
Through your owner’s portal you will be able to see your monthly reports, annual reports, property inspections, and Fund your property account.
Owners Portal
Property Consultation and Analysis
Understanding how to track and what are the key metrics to measure to determine that your asset is being optimized is a critical component of owning investment property. Be sure to request a property analysis meeting via our owner relation department to ensure your assets are working ideally for you.
What to Expect
Working with NPS you can expect to have a partner on making sure that you asset produces as much consistent income as possible. We focus on reducing expenses, maximizing revenues, properly budgeting to prevent cash inputs.
Our Technology
We have put together a team of highly quailed professionals that can implement the latest technology to make sure you have a clear picture on what happening with your asset and efficiently handling the day to day of property management.